About Via Mart

This app belongs to us Via Tech company who are specialized in developing applications for both Android and IOS and web Solutions as well, via partnership with big companies all around the world. We are leaders of applying and developing applications to fulfill life demands and follow the pace Vmart of the world to make life easier. Currently Yemenis are our dear target as we are proudly Yemeni company.

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Our Vision

We clearly made our vision in ViaMart that the application would reach everyone in Yemen and fulfil their demands as a first step and then it will spread to cover Gulf countries and after all to be an international application. In which all people would use it to market their goods and clients reach them easily and within a short time. We are looking forward great cooperation for all countries selling their goods to everyone in everywhere of the universe. We would reach Targets for all life aspects and nothing would stop our developing and spreading until reach universality.

Our Mission

We made our vision obvious in the horizon that we would make everyone satisfied using this application that we made as a gift for all people who wish to get what they need without much effort. We made easiness of people's life as our aim through Via Mart. We didn’t miss advertisers at all so that we would be with them step by step marketing all together sharing success and growth. Our mission as well is to make people use applications more and show them that traditional ways of shopping are difficult when compared with our application. We don’t miss to follow the pace of life and Vmart in the world and Strengthen the market with all new. We also make the Vmart of our team of priorities. We and through ViaMart would make new opportunities for people who has no jobs to find them the suitable place as marketers, designers or developers.


We developed Via Mart to reach these objectives:

To ease people's life via making marketing easier, take less time and effort through the application.

To advertise for companies, institutions and business men in a wide range so that they would spread and be more popular.

To combine both services and products at the same place with the one who needs it.

To make people feel happy while shopping from anywhere and get the chance to choose the best out of the best rather than traditional ways of shopping.

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