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How it Works - Via Mart

How it Works

Commercial Section

Commercial section contains the following pages:

Special Diamond advertisers page: in this page there would be only one advertiser of every commercial type who would be allowed to put his commercial name and logo in an icon in which users click it to be connected directly to a detailed page about the advertiser and his offers.

Offers and Commercials page: This page shows all advertisements and offers of all advertisers. The advertisements and offers would be ordered according to their place so that the user would have the nearest advertisements to him. The user can also change the order of them according to his need, Users can also search for advertisements through the search key.

The business Guide page: This page shows all companies, institutions and business men information that are needed to reach them. All companies and data would be shown in an easy clear way to users. Also anyone who needs to add his company or institution can do this through this page.

Personal Section

Personal section contains the following pages:

Personal advertising page: This page allows people to advertise their personal products for sale and they can also through this page receive personal enquiries and questions from people who got interested in the product and answer them.

Chat page: this page gives a safe and independent chance for chatting among users.

There would be the sittings icon in which users can easily edit or change their account settings.