Yemeni Market

Through our market research and the opinion survey of different people and businessmen we found the following:

Internet users average has increased three times in the last years, and most people had turned to Internet
rather than TVs. So many researches had shown huge number of people in Yemen using net in all their life
orientation and domains.

Most of Mobile users needs applications to be developed to fulfil their demands. Also most companies and institutions are of huge need of applications to spread their services and make it easier for customers to reach them. We are managing our own applications, so we build our plan to develop at least four different main office applications by the next year in addition to its maintenance and update.

According to organizations, institutions and companies need of applications to spread their services and products to public so we had specified a huge part of our company plan to develop applications according to demand. So our job with them is to collect and analyze their requirements and create applications for them through our partnership with respectable and famous companies all around the world.